Barton Community College announces spring 2020 graduates


July 9, 2020

Barton Community College has announced its list of graduates who earned associate degrees or certificates for career training during the spring semester of 2020.

Paul Rabek, A.A.S.

Arkansas City
Jared Oakley, A.S.

Payton Nusz, A.A.
Clay Wesbrooks, A.S.

Baldwin City
Betsy Parmley, A.S.

Kerri Bruntz, Business Management & Leadership Certificate

Dylan Kaiser, A.S.

Lacey Mitchell, A.S.

Joshua McJunkin, A.A.S.

Ross Ifland, A.S.

Victoria Day, A.S.

Micah Grover, A.S.
Madison Jones, A.A.S.

Rory Smith, A.S.

Council Grove
Kristina Balboa, A.A.

Jarrett Bowman, A.S.

Nancy Horton, Dietary Manager Certificate

Kyle Albers, A.S.
Rachael Dickson A.A.
Rebecca Herrman, A.G.S.
Jalyn Lear, A.A.S.
Allison Panning, Practical Nursing Certificate
Colton Potts, A.S.
Shawn Simmons, A.G.S.

Lawrence Kreutzer, Welding Technology Certificate

Dustin Barrett, Welding Technology Certificate
Earl Bell, Welding Technology Certificate
Andre Brown, Welding Technology Certificate
Kolby Davis, A.S.
Raymond Drew-Carrasco, Welding Technology Certificate
Joseph Frye, Welding Technology Certificate
Meghan Goding, Child Development Certificate
Gabrielle Herzog, A.S.
Jason Hoffman, Welding Technology Certificate
Brian Larabee, Welding Technology Certificate
Christopher Liersemann, Welding Technology Certificate
Acacia Mai, A.S.
Lorenzo Morales, Welding Technology Certificate
Charles Murrow, Welding Technology Certificate
Stephen Patterson, Welding Technology Certificate
Ann Ridinger, A.A.S.
Jason Smith, Welding Technology Certificate
Joshua Stratton, Welding Technology Certificate
Gary Sumner, Welding Technology Certificate
Emmerae Svaty, Practical Nursing Certificate
Shelbey Talbott, A.S.     
Marcos Teixeira, Welding Technology Certificate
Robert White, Welding Technology Certificate
RaeShawn Young, Welding Technology Certificate

Aaron Lane, A.A.
Muhammad Hassan Nasrulaha, A.A.S.
Alize Tovar, A.S.

Fort Leavenworth
Annick Adjovi-Segning, A.S.
Reka Balazs, A.S.
Zachary Burch, A.S.      
Nathaniel Bryant, A.S.
Valencia Burke, A.S.
Kyla Figgs, A.S.
Kerri Fuetterer, A.G.S.  
Katelyn Herman, A.A.S. and Emergency Management & Homeland Security Certificate
Nicholas Kucsik, A.S.     
Devan Myers, A.S.        
Michelle Sbordone, A.A.
Lillian Slifer, A.S.          
Connor Smith, A.S.
Richard Vincent, A.S.
Theresa Walder, A.S.    

Fort Riley
David Campbell, A.A.
Isaac Castaneda, A.S.
Jolene DeShazo, A.S.
Jenna Espenschied, A.G.S.
Cavalry Esteban, A.S.    
Esau Giron-Ramos, A.S.
Stephanie Goains, A.S.  
Ashley Griffin, A.S.       
Tia Layton, A.S.
Darlene Long, A.G.S.
Yvonne Lopez, A.S.       
Savannah Lozano, A.S.  
Samuel Martin, A.G.S.  
Lizette Posadas, A.S.     
Ira Pula, A.A.    
Christina Rodriguez, A.S.           
Martin Santoro, A.G.S.  
Melanie Santoro, A.S.   
Daniel Strashensky, A.G.S.        
Anthony Thurgood, A.A.
Oziea Wallace, A.G.S.   

Garden City
Rachel Hansen, A.S.      

Garden Plain
Haley Hays, A.S.

Allyson Aldrich, Practical Nursing Certificate

Peyton Harvey, A.A.S.

William Cool, A.S.         

Katie Purvis, A.S.          
Martin Warnke, A.A.S.

Great Bend
Alex Arnold, A.A.
Baylee Beck, A.S.
Elvia Beck, Practical Nursing Certificate
Brittney Birzer, A.S.      
Joshua Bolding, A.A.     
Allison Brodrick, A.A.    
Cory Burnham, A.S.      
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Esmeralda Delgadillo, A.S.        
Erin Ensley, A.A.           
Angelica Escobedo, A.A.S.
Kyleene Folkerts, A.A.S.
Robert Frizell, A.S.        
Brittany Geiman, A.A.S.
Jaidaah Harris, Practical Nursing Certificate
Mollie Hestand, A.A.S.
Cristina Jaquez-Olivas, A.A.S.
Brice Kaiser, A.S.          
Kaylin Knaple, A.S.        
Melinda Kurth, A.G.S.   
Dalton Lamb, Automotive Technology Certificate
Joanna Lockwood, A.S. 
Joshua Nicholson, Practical Nursing Certificate
Tyler Nuss, Practical Nursing Certificate
Carol Ordonez, A.G.S.   
Zusseth Pinillo, Practical Nursing Certificate
Elsie Randel, A.A.         
Marissa Roach, Practical Nursing Certificate
Mackenzie Romesburg, A.S.      
Johan Sanchez, Automotive Technology Certificate
Ian Schaub, Practical Nursing Certificate
Shaley Sciacca, A.S.      
Edith Solorzano, A.A.    
Jonathan Strandberg, Welding Technology Certificate
Devin Tavarez, A.A.S.    
Amber Thomas, Practical Nursing Certificate
Jesus Velazquez, A.A.S.
Trista Wilt, A.S.
Mindy Wittig, A.S.        
Tana Yellowwolf, A.A.S.

Madison Moore, A.A.   

Taylor Howard, A.G.S.  

Michael Lohrmeyer, Dietary Manager Certificate
Autumn Smades, A.A.S.

Nicole McKee, A.A.       

Taryn Bilbrey, A.A.S.     
Allison Collier, A.S.       
Jessi Kindscher, A.A.     
Ronda Miller, Medical Assistant Certificate
Jevon Mogbo, Welding Technology Certificate
Jocelynn Pedigo, A.S.    
Thomas Potter, A.S.      
Toni Reese, A.A.           
Tiffany Schneider, A.G.S.          
Rheanna Spires, A.S.     

Marion Lee Howerton, Business Management & Leadership Certificate

Adam Schrag, A.S.        

Junction City
Brianna Ault, A.G.S.      
Kimberly Call, A.S.        
Essence Carter, A.G.S.  
Otisha Fernandez, A.S. 
Erika Foster, A.S.          
Mayra Gonzalez, A.G.S.
Reyna Gonzalez-Brieva, A.S.      
Richard Hill, Emergency Management & Homeland Security Certificate
Christen Hutcheson, A.S.          
Paedyn Johnson, A.S.   
Sandra Mora, A.S.        
Tyquasheia Newsome DeCembre, A.S.  
Paola Noriega-Rivera, A.S.        
Kendra Norkett, A.S.     
Amy Parker, A.S.          
Kenneth Patterson, A.A.
Charles Peyla, A.A.       
Kara Senesac, A.A.        
Anastazzia Simmons, A.A.         
Renee Whittemore, A.S.           
Jason Wyatt, A.G.S.      

Kansas City
Rachel Owen, A.G.S.     

Angelea Rodriguez, A.S.

La Crosse
Misty Collins, Dietary Manager Certificate

Allan Ewalt, A.S.

Casey DiVito, A.S.         
Cody Finney, A.G.S.      
Rebecca Grindle, A.S.   
Michael Leo, A.A.         
Jeong Yoo, A.S.

Elijahjuan Ballard, Plumbing Certificate
Adam Bartling, Welding Technology Certificate
Kiairla Beltz, Practical Nursing Certificate
John Bond, Welding Technology Certificate
Aaron Boyer, Welding Technology Certificate
Tyler Brown, Welding Technology Certificate
Ronald Carter, Plumbing Certificate
Stanley Cason, Welding Technology Certificate
Sean Cohee, Welding Technology Certificate
Spencer Creach, Welding Technology Certificate
James Dalzell, Welding Technology Certificate
Thomas Duran, Welding Technology Certificate
Alyssa Flory, A.A.S & Child Development Certificate
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McKenzie Galliart, Practical Nursing Certificate
Samuel Garcia, Plumbing Certificate
Bryan Gilbert, Welding Technology Certificate
Jeremy Glenn, Welding Technology Certificate
Christy Green, A.A.S.    
Christopher Haerich, A.A.S. & Networking Specialist Certificate
Antonio Hearn, A.A.S.
Amber Hewson, Practical Nursing Certificate
Dakota Hinman, Welding Technology Certificate
Daniel Hunley, Welding Technology Certificate
Armando Jimenez, Welding Technology Certificate
Chad Kammerer, Welding Technology Certificate
Robert Krisle, Welding Technology Certificate
Malachi Lageman, Welding Technology Certificate
James Lassen, Plumbing Certificate
Arius Lawson, Plumbing Certificate
Michael Lea, Welding Technology Certificate
Rodney McNeal, Welding Technology Certificate
Kody Mead, A.A.S.
Joseph Miller, Plumbing Certificate
Casandra Noyes, Practical Nursing Certificate
Soe Palomino, Plumbing Certificate
Kristian Pearson, A.S.   
Montre Robinson, Plumbing Certificate
Edward Rojas, Welding Technology Certificate
Marcus Thomas, Plumbing Certificate
Majesty Wade, Welding Technology Certificate
Darrion Warren, Plumbing Certificate
Mylon Williams, Plumbing Certificate
Austin Wilson, Plumbing Certificate
Marcus Wormly, Welding Technology Certificate

Michaela Haskins. A.S.  
Ian Henricks, A.S.         
Andrew Stewart, A.S.   

Jose Garcia, A.A.S.

Paige Noel, A.A.S.         

Madison Cotterill, A.S.  
Emma Horsch, Practical Nursing Certificate
Sandybell Lehman, A.A.S.         
Monica Pando, Practical Nursing Certificate

Brooke Roberts, A.A.S. 

Matthew Dalton, A.A.S.
Freya Diaz-Lopez, A.G.S.
Dalton Engle, A.S.         
Amanda Fisher, A.S.     
Katroya Jones, A.S.       
Leslie Metivier, A.G.S.  
Taylor Roye, A.G.S.       
Micheal Simmons, A.S. 
Kaitlin Tyler, A.S.          
Martin Vogts, A.S.        

Maple Hill
Dawn Ledeboer, A.S.    

Alexandra Anderson, Practical Nursing Certificate

Medicine Lodge
Jodi Davis, A.A.S.

Sydney Schneider, A.S. 

Ness City
Mario Luna, A.S.           

Brenda Czlapinski, Dietary Manager Certificate
Allyssa Meyer, A.A.      

Kennedy Burgess, A.S.  

Brittany Poquette, A.S. 

Reygan Brown, A.A.      

Marie Tessendorf, Practical Nursing Certificate

Anton Foust, Automotive Technology Certificate

Overland Park
Tristan Charles, A.S.     

Pawnee Rock
Melissa Strain, Practical Nursing Certificate

Chase Nelson, A.S.       

Conner Keith, A.S.        

Crystal Collins, Dietary Manager Certificate

Jeremiah Brown, A.A.S.

Canyon Hamm, A.A.S.   

Albert De La Garza, A.A.S.
Demi Kunkel, A.S.         

Rush Center
Jenessa Tammen, A.S.  

Breanna Huffman, A.A.S.
Amber Mask, A.A.S.      
Jessica Miller, A.A.S.     
Nickolaus Miller, A.S.    
Jakeb Reynolds, A.A.S.

St. John
Christie Blue, A.A.S.
Bailey Burns, Practical Nursing Certificate
Jeffrey Lyon, A.A.         

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Kameron Davis, Child Development Certificate
Keysa McMillan, A.S.    

Celeste Storey, A.A.      

South Hutchinson
Elizabeth Schrock, A.S.  

Adriane Millershaski, Practical Nursing Certificate
Jena Shelton, A.S.         

Alexander Brasher, Automotive Technology Certificate
Emily Harman, A.A.S.    
Zachary Schissler, A.S.  
Lucas Weigel, A.A.        

Sylvan Grove
Theresa Berger, Practical Nursing Certificate

Abigail Frye, A.S.          

Koriyon Carr, A.A.         
Richard Comstock, Welding Technology Certificate
Adyson Crough, A.S.     

Amanda Whiteman, A.S.           

Madison Peters, A.S.    

Valley Center
Asa Unruh, A.A.

Malinda Anderson, A.G.S.         
Gabrielle Nelms, A.S.    
Joel Tilley, A.S. 

Alexander Knox, A.A.S.

David Garcia, A.S.         
Leah Gisick, A.S.
Selena Howard, A.S.     
Patrick McGeary, Dietary Manager Certificate
Christal Mosley, A.A.     
Caroline Noble, A.S.     
Kaleigh Peak, A.S.         
McKayla Siemiller, A.S. 
Christian Taylor, A.S.    
Macy Weber, A.S.        

Military Overseas
Kesha Hunte, A.A.S.
Jennifer Wiser, A.A.      

Headland, Ala.
Alexis Simpkins, A.S.     

Southside, Ala.
Mehgan Hyche, A.A.S. and Emergency Management & Homeland Security Certificate

Tucson, Ariz.
Caroline McGuire, A.S. 

Coalinga, Calif.
Matthew Boss, A.A.      

Fort Irwin, Calif.
Ashley McCann, A.S.     

San Diego, Calif.
Loreena Kim, A.S.         

Seaside, Calif.
Jamie Riddle, A.A.S.

Torrance, Calif.
Zandrea Lofton, Dietary Manager Certificate

Twentynine Palms, Calif.
Karen Acosta, A.S.        

Victorville, Calif.
Alfredo Toribio, Dietary Manager Certificate

Erie, Colo.
Jade Phillips, A.S.         

Greenwood Village, Colo.
Claudia Sumaia, A.S.     

Johnstown, Colo.
Brei-Lynne Nelson, A.S.

Monument, Colo.
Brooke Town, Practical Nursing Certificate

Manchester, Conn.
Israel Adesina, A.S.       

Bradenton, Fla.
Coden Wortham, A.G.S.

Pensacola, Fla.
Christine Jones-Book, A.S.        

Riverview, Fla.
Leslie Thompson, A.S.   

Winter Haven, Fla.
Sheila Haslem, Business Management & Leadership Certificate

Douglasville, Ga.
Kaleb Ambrose, A.S.     

Edwardsville, Ill.
Elizabeth Untama Tapia, A.S.    

Plainfield, Ill.
Daniel Larson, A.A.S.

Springfield, Ill.
Tyrone Treadwell, A.S.  

Oak Grove, Ky.
Mykeal Bennett A.G.S.  

Paducah, Ky.
Katina Holland, Dietary Manager Certificate

Lake Charles. La.
Joanne Robbins, Dietary Manager Certificate

Dixfield, Maine
Julie Couture, A.S.        

Oak Park, Mich.
Veronica Rooney, A.S.  

Gravois Mills, Mo.
Matthew Koenigsman, A.S.       

Kansas City, Mo.
Jessica Wineinger, Dietary Manager Certificate

McFall, Mo.
Erica Adkins, A.A.S.

Peculiar, Mo.
Zackery Salmon, A.S.    

West Plains, Mo.
Karsyn Smith, A.S.        

Kearney, Neb.
Jake Skala, A.S. 

Lincoln, Neb.,
Joseph Richter, A.A.     

Cooper Allen, A.S.        
Tyler Bandiera, A.S.      
Noah Rheinheimer, A.S.
Easton Young, A.S.       

Manchester, N.H.
Scott Schesser, Dietary Manager Certificate

Cape May Court House, N.J.
John Taverner, Dietary Manager Certificate

Mount Royal, N.J.
Yesenia Rojas A.A.        

Cooperstown, N.Y.
Kayla Wolfert, Dietary Manager Certificate

Columbus, Ohio
John Starkie, Dietary Manager Certificate

Fairborn, Ohio
Tamra Fleming, Dietary Manager Certificate

Ironton, Ohio
Gregory Hogsten, Dietary Manager Certificate

New Carlisle, Ohio
Bradley Thomas, Dietary Manager Certificate

Trenton, Ohio
Christopher Pergram, A.A.S.

Waverly, Ohio
Stuart David, A.G.S.      

Altus, Okla.
Keegan Pride, A.S.        

Catoosa, Okla.
Andrew DeArmond, A.S.           

Lawton, Okla.
Tina Kelly, A.S. 

Norman, Okla.

Amanda Tucker, A.S.    

Yukon, Okla.
Cole Embrey A.S.          

Clover, S.C.
Kimberly Bristow, Dietary Manager Certificate

Fayetteville, Tenn.
Melissa Mowery, A.G.S.

Converse, Texas
Deshaun Jones, A.S.     

Eagle Pass, Texas
Rubi Monsivais, Dietary Manager Certificate

Houston, Texas
Demarcus Morris, A.A. 
Angela Sharp-Flowers, Dietary Manager Certificate

San Antonio, Texas
Christopher Nelson, Dietary Manager Certificate
Amy Saunders, A.S.      
Fort Lee, Va.
Jeron Thompson, A.G.S.

Norfolk, Va.
April Gray, Dietary Manager Certificate

Spanaway, Wash.
Travis Coleman, A.A.S.

Green River, Wyo.
Hope Hunt, A.S.

Rashan Darling, A.S.

Tom Letecheur, A.S.

Maria Souza Nunes, A.S.
Rayanne De Oliveira Matos, A.A.
Renan De Sousa, A.A.

Lia Chan, A.S.
Noah Geekie, A.S.

Domenica Lucia Pena Becerra, A.S.

Marco Seyfert, A.A.

Migle Mazurkeviciute, A.S.

Oswaldo Cano Sosa, A.S.
Getsemani Carlos Lopez, A.S.

Northern Ireland
Kieran Annandale, A.S.

South Africa
Matthew Gillmer, A.S.

Sara Martin Reguera, A.A.

Sebastian Pino Santiago, A.S.
Octavio Carrasco Melendez, A.S.

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